PRP treatment in Overland Park: When is the Best Time to Try Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment?—At MediQuick Fit, we provide various types of natural medical care in Overland Park. Our integrative approach offers cutting-edge solutions to help individuals recover from injuries and get back to their ideal health. Many people choose natural medical care over other alternatives, like invasive surgery or prescription medications.

When it comes to natural medical care, one of our most talked-about treatments is platelet rich plasma treatment or PRP. Many people want to know the benefits and the downfalls of PRP treatment in Overland Park and when the ideal time is to use it. Common questions include: Do you use it for minor injuries or serious injuries? Is it only used for certain bodily injuries?

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the scenarios where platelet rich plasma treatment can be most beneficial. We hope you find this information beneficial on your journey to achieve the maximum level of medical fitness in Overland Park.

PRP treatment in Overland Park—If You Want to Restore Hair Growth


Platelet rich plasma contains a wide range of proteins and growth factors that speed up tissue repair. Knowing this, researchers began doing extensive testing to see if this could repair damaged hair follicles. Many researchers believed PRP would be successful because it could help regrow hair by reversing the androgenetic alopecia process.

Today, PRP treatment in Overland Park has proven to be a widely used method to restore hair growth. Although PRP does not completely cure conditions that cause hair loss, platelet rich plasma can still slow hair loss if the individual continues to receive regular treatments. The frequency of treatments can vary significantly depending on how controlled the patient’s current hair loss is.

PRP Treatment in Overland Park

PRP treatment in Overland Park–When Suffering from Arthritis


PRP is becoming a popular form of natural medical care in Overland Park––especially when it comes to treating arthritis. One area that has seen the most success with PRP is treating arthritis in the knee area. Even when not applied to the knee area, platelet rich plasma can help provide relief to numerous other body parts affected by arthritis.

PRP can reduce pain, improve joint function, and repair cartilage damage. Other benefits of platelet rich plasma include new cartilage stimulation, reduced progression of osteoarthritis, and increased natural joint lubrication––which reduces friction.

When the Healing Process is Not Progressing Fast Enough


In many cases, our bodies have the ability to recover after suffering an injury. However, there are times where the recovery process is just not moving along quickly enough. That’s when PRP treatment can give you the boost needed to recover faster.

PRP Treatment in Overland Park

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