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Natural Tissue Regenerative Therapy

MediQuick Fit offers a variety of tissue based treatments to promote and supplement the body’s ability to repair damaged joints and soft tissue. These treatment options are a safe and effective way to treat both acute and chronic conditions that cause pain and limit function. Often times, such treatment can prevent the need for surgery at a fraction of the risk, recovery time, and cost. We use both lab derived (allograft) and self donated (autograft) cellular and tissue treatments.

What are the Advantages of Allograft Tissue Therapy?
  • No need for painful, time consuming, and potentially complicated tissue harvesting

  • Significantly higher cell counts versus self donated sources (bone marrow, fat)

  • Younger, more vigorous cells have a much higher capacity for regeneration

  • Purity, quantity, and viability of cells verified with each treatment, virtually eliminating safety concerns

Aspects of  Stem Cell and Exosome Function
PRP Treatment in Overland Park

Protects healthy cells from damage or death resulting from trauma, disease, or the normal aging process


Repairs cells and tissue damaged by injury, disease, or aging

IV Therapy in Overland Park

Promotes cell growth and tissue regeneration to restore joint structure and function

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Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are autograft (self-donated), cell based treatments used for certain joint/soft tissue, sexual health, and cosmetic conditions.  The procedure uses the patient’s own platelet enriched blood plasma which contains a variety of growth factors. These growth factors found in PRP can increase new blood vessel formation and cell proliferation, leading to significant increases in tissue restoration. Some of the indications for PRP are:

  • Acute and chronic soft tissue injury such as tendonitis, epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow), muscle tears, sprains
  • Acute and chronic joint injury due to aging, disease, or trauma (arthritis); can be used with other tissue based therapy
  • Skin and hair restoration
  • Restoration and/or enhancement of female and male sexual function
platelet rich plasma
The PRP Process

Blood is drawn via routine venipuncture and processed in the clinic. The platelet rich fraction is then isolated and  injected into the treatment site(s). The process is minimally invasive, inherently safe, and typically takes less than one hour to complete. Depending on the specific condition, multiple PRP treatments may be necessary, although significant reduction in symptoms can occur after a single treatment. PRP works well as stand-alone therapy, but has shown outstanding results when combined with other treatments, depending on the circumstances.

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Natural Pain Treatments

Mediquick Fit offers a variety of natural oral, topical, and injectable products indicated for acute and chronic conditions involving joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, intestines, and nerves. These products are able to treat the pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm associated with injuries, arthritis, and other medical conditions. These products also share the following characteristics:

  • Non-Narcotic

  • Non-Addictive

  • Non-NSAID

  • Non-steroid

  • No known drug interactions

  • Little to no side effects

  • Can be combined with other treatments; no limitation on frequency of use

natural pain treatments

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