One of the most popular new trends in the medical world is tissue regenerative therapy or TRT. If you are new to TRT, you may have no idea what it is used for and why many people prefer using TRT and regenerative medicine in Overland Park over other traditional treatment methods.

In this article, we will provide some important information so that you understand the advantages of TRT. After reading this, you’ll have a better grasp on why natural medical care in Overland Park is becoming more and more common when dealing with injuries and ailments, especially here at MediQuick Fit.

Regenerative medicine in Overland Park: Injuries and Ailments That Utilize Tissue Regenerative Therapy (TRT)

TRT has become one of the most effective and proven ways to treat pain and acute injuries. One of the most common areas where TRT is used is to aid in the recovery of sports injuries. In fact, many college and professional sports teams are incorporating TRT more frequently into their treatment plan. This is because athletes have healed quicker and more effectively than using other treatment methods.

Another area where TRT is used regularly is to treat chronic pain. Numerous patients who suffer from chronic neck, back, shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist, ankle, hip, or foot pain have experienced significant benefits from TRT. It is an effective form of treatment to enhance your medical fitness in Overland Park.

Regenerative Medicine in Overland Park

The Benefits of TRT

Natural medical care in Overland Park: Reduces the Need for Medication 

We have all either heard of someone or know someone who has become addicted to pain medication. It can be a dangerous situation, especially when the medication doesn’t seem to be as effective as it once was. TRT is a form of natural medical care in Overland Park that limits or possibly eliminates the need to use prescription drugs.


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It is Non-Invasive

Most people wish to avoid surgery at all costs, especially if their injury or condition can be treated with non-surgical methods. TRT is a non-invasive form of regenerative medicine in Overland Park. It means that you won’t have to have surgery and won’t have to deal with an extensive recovery process or physical therapy. Be sure to check with your medical professional to see if TRT is an option instead of surgery.


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No Side Effects

Although medication and surgery can be effective, they both can come with side effects. Not only can they have a long-lasting impact on your physical health, but medication and surgery can also lead to fatigue or depression. Many people have turned to TRT, hormone replacement, or PRP treatment in Overland Park to avoid the risk of side effects in the future.

Regenerative Medicine in Overland Park

If you have chronic pain or have trouble dealing with an injury but want to avoid an invasive procedure, contact the professionals at MediQuick Fit today. We will work with you to find the best possible treatment to find relief for what’s slowing you down. We specialize in non-invasive procedures like hormone replacement, PRP treatment, and IV therapy in Overland Park.

MediQuick Fit is an innovative medical clinic that was created to help promote an active, healthy lifestyle. Our integrated approach offers both traditional and leading-edge options geared towards health preservation, specializing in regenerative medicine in Overland Park. Our goal is to maintain or restore the balance between the body’s structural, metabolic, hormonal, and immune functions through a variety of methods including IV therapy in Overland Park and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement in Overland Park. Investing in your medical fitness in Overland Park and health is just investing in your financial future; the effort you make now will return great dividends later in life. Consider us your wellness planners! We are open Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. These are just a few of the treatments we offer to our patients. If you’d like to find out more, give us a call today at 913.413.0016 or fill out a new patient assessment form.