Male Infertility Treatment in Overland Park: Your Treatment Options — Having trouble getting pregnant? It’s not just you. Couples frequently have infertility issues, and while we typically associate it with women, males also experience it. Male factor infertility refers to infertility caused by issues with males.


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In actuality, difficulties in males are just as likely to lead to reproductive concerns as they are in women. According to estimates, male factor infertility affects 30 to 50 percent of couples who are having trouble becoming pregnant.


Describing Infertility

85% of couples who try to conceive do so within a year. Anyone who doesn’t is classified as infertile and some seek male infertility treatment in Overland Park. Couples over 35 who are not pregnant after six months should be evaluated because fertility reduces with age.

As a result, couples who are attempting to get pregnant can determine their level of infertility. What about homosexual males who want to have biological children? There isn’t a definite rule. Nevertheless, there are tests that can be run and based on the outcomes, certain fixes that might maximize your chances of having genetically related offspring.


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Hormonal balance, sperm quality, and structural abnormalities that may affect the sperm’s capacity to fertilize an egg are some of the variables that affect fertility. Discuss your testing choices with your doctor before beginning the parenting journey.

A semen analysis is a good place to start your male infertility treatment in Overland Park, because it is generally quick, simple, and affordable. Even in healthy, fertile males, sperm quality has decreased. Over the past 10 years, there has been a rise in low sperm counts and a global decline in normal sperm counts. This continues a pattern that was discovered more than 40 years ago.


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Nobody can pinpoint the reason for declining sperm counts, making it all the more crucial to get your (or your partner’s) sperm examined as soon as possible.


Male Infertility Treatment in Overland Park


Experts on Male Infertility Treatment in Overland Park Explain How Sperm Quality is Determined

Sperm quality can reveal information about general health and wellbeing. It is negatively influenced by unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking alcohol, and is positively impacted by a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. With age, it typically gets worse.

Although sperm quality isn’t the sole factor in determining fertility—we’ll discuss other potential issues shortly—it is unquestionably crucial to conception and the development of a healthy child.


Three key elements will be measured by your analysis to determine male infertility in Overland Park:

  • Count, often known as the sperm concentration in a specific volume of semen. Less is an issue, but more isn’t always better. Anything under 15 is seen as low.
  • The sperm’s morphology, or size and form. To enter an egg, sperm must have a certain shape. 4% of your total sperm count should be in a normal form.
  • The proportion of moving sperm in a semen sample serves as a proxy for motility, or a sperm’s capacity to swim. The ideal percentage is around 50% mobile.

The analysis will also provide information about the chemical composition of your semen sample, letting you know whether the environment is the proper amount of alkaline or acidic, thick or watery, and thick or thin. A blockage or a problem with production in the seminal vesicles might be indicated by too little.


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Your physician will assist in choosing your plan of action. Be aware that the creation of new sperm, known as spermatogenesis, takes roughly 3 to 4 months. Expect any lifestyle adjustments you make in the hopes of enhancing quality to take around that long to appear on your subsequent examination.

Male Infertility Treatment in Overland Park

Common Reasons to Consider Male Infertility Treatment in Overland Park

  • Diseased sperm production

Men who have undergone a vasectomy may have sperm production inhibition. A varicocele, or swollen vein(s), in the scrotum, is another possible cause. A varicocele is typically simple to fix.

  • Unusual structural features

Semen can partially or totally get obstructed when the reproductive tract becomes clogged at times (and the sperm inside). Blockages may be brought on by operations, diseases, or occasionally even at birth.

  • Immunologic conditions

Disorders of the endocrine (hormone) system can prevent the sperm from successfully contacting the egg and fertilizing it in the female genital system.

There are more tests available, including as blood work and more thorough sperm and DNA analysis. Additional tests could be requested by your doctor or by you if you so want. Of course, it’s best to speak with your doctor immediately away if you have any worries about your health or have trouble ejaculating in order to catch any issues early.


Options for Male Infertility Treatment in Overland Park

  • Be aware that it might be a challenging journey and that you are not traveling alone. You are healthy, and there are still possibilities for your family.
  • Through assisted reproductive technologies like IVF, many couples who struggle with male factor infertility are able to have children. But it’s not the only choice that’s open to you.
  • If you’re worried about the consequences of aging, going through chemotherapy, commencing hormone therapy for a gender transition, or any other number of reasons, sperm freezing can retain high-quality sperm.
  • Men with azoospermia, insufficient sperm in their semen, or problems ejaculating can still use sperm in IVF with the help of sperm retrieval.
  • Couples can have children biologically or through a surrogate thanks to sperm donors.
  • Couples, especially homosexual fathers, have the chance to have the families of their dreams through the use of IVF and surrogacy together.

Finally, we want to stress how important it is for you to look after yourself. Sperm benefit from good health. IV therapy in Overland Park is an options for hydration and studies have revealed that drinking alcohol, even a few beers a week, has a detrimental effect on the success of IVF. However, it goes beyond only your reproductive health.


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Couples who are trying to get pregnant frequently endure stress, and this is especially true for those who have been diagnosed with infertility. Taking care of oneself is the finest thing you can do for both you and each other. Your mental health and your relationship depend on getting enough sleep, exercise, and nutrition possibly via IV therapy in Overland Park.



Our team of experts is prepared to help you start a family. Let us worry about the tests, the outcomes, and giving your family the best alternatives. Your responsibility is to make sure you’re in good health and a good mood so you have the best possibility of having operations go well. And if they are effective, then your physical and emotional health is sufficient for you to go on the most adventurous voyage of your life.


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Male Infertility Treatment in Overland Park 


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